ESM Benefits


Improve Business Productivity

Help internal customers engage business departments more efficiently through intuitive portals and forms that trigger automation of tasks, workflows, and request fulfillment. Replace phone calls, free-form email, walk-up requests, spreadsheets, and sticky notes as the primary means of documenting and tracking requests.



Deliver Business Intelligence and Reporting

Provide business units with metrics and KPIs that enable accountability, demonstrate value, and identify areas for improvement. All applications built on the Cherwell platform can be customized to deliver reporting and dashboards to guide decisions and optimize processes you've created.



Rapidly Deploy New Business Solutions

The Cherwell mApp Exchange offers a number of pre-built enterprise service management solutions at no cost. Rather than build business applications from scratch, you can install our mApps in a matter of minutes, and quickly refine the solutions to meet your specific organizational requirements.

If you need to modify standard processes to match your workflows or meet specific business requirements? No problem. Easily adapt Cherwell as time goes by or spend a few more days during implementation to scope & configure to your exact needs.

Most competitors take months – or years – to fully implement similar solutions.



Continuous Improvement Easily Achieved

The reality of business is that things change – often. You need a solution that can change on a dime and deliver real business ROI immediately.

Intuitive wizards and simple drag-and-drop functionality allow you to easily modify the comprehensive suite of ITSM processes to match your unique requirements today, and tomorrow. With Cherwell's Codeless Business Application Technology (CBAT), you never need to write a line of code or script. Upgrades are effortless. Simply click the Installer and in a few minutes it is complete. Cherwell's metadata Platform as a Service (PaaS) retains all of your configurations with all upgrades.



Slash Development Costs

Easily create additional applications to support your business needs.

With Cherwell, you acquire more than just IT service management software. You obtain a powerful Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides a WYSIWYG development environment for creating additional fully-integrated business applications. With Cherwell, you will never write a single line of code or script!

Use wizards and drag-and-drop functionality to create applications such as:

  •   Inventory Management
  •   Facilities Management
  •   Equipment/Resource Tracking
  •   Human Resources Management

If you can envision and map a process, you can build it – If you can draw it on a whiteboard, you can build it in Cherwell.

Join the 71% of Cherwell customers who have built solutions beyond IT by creating new business applications and capabilities using intuitive drag-and-drop wizards—no army of java programmers required.