Enterprise mAPP Implementaion

Review Suitability of Available mApps
Alt Vision can help your company access the suitability of available mApps form the Cherwell mAPP store.  This can include:

  •   A functional review to access suitability
  •   Pilot deployment on Test System for a hands on review
  •   Gap Analysis between the mAPP and your business requirements
  •   Prepare cost estimate for production deployment including any custom adaptation required.

Planning and Implemention of Selected Enterprise mAPPs
Cherwell provides a great platform for your companies Enterprise Service Managment requirements. Once the suitability of a particular Enetrprise mAPp has been decided, Alt Vision can prepare and execute an implementation plan to deploy the mApp to your companies Cherwell Service Managment System.

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  •   Consultants Experienced in Deploying mApps.
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