Cherwell Administration Foundations

Duration: Five Day Course
Next Public Course: On Demand

Suite 9, 1329 Hay Street, West Perth
Western Australia 6005
If you have three or more attendees we can run the training onsite at your premises.


Getting the most out of your Cherwell Service Management System?

Cherwell Service Management is a powerful, integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) software that enables IT service management professionals to configure applications to meet their business needs. This Five day course based on Cherwell Service Management content is intended to provide instructor-guided hands-on practice with the basic features and functions of Cherwell Service Management, along with the skills required for Administration.

Learn from CSM expert certified instructors . This course incorporates a series of lectures and labs that build on each other as you learn to use and Administer Cherwell Service Management (CSM) within your organisation.

  •   Experience professional classroom training
  •   Learn from expert Cherwell instructors
  •   Work in a hands-on Lab Environment
  •   Meet Cherwell staff and other IT professionals

Your class will be a small group of professionals like you from either your company or companies who are also implementing and supporting Cherwell software.

Course Outline

Day Section Title Lesson Description
Monday Welcome - Welcome and introductions.
System Fundementals 1 Discuss the methodology of the Service Catalogue and the best practices.
2 System Overview.
3 User interface, menus, navigation, panes and searching.
The "Off the Shelf" Solutions 4 Explore the default workflows as models for your system.
Incident, Change, Problem, Knowledge Articles, and SIAM.
Database Components 5 Differentiate betweeen the types of Business Objects.
6 Introduction to Blueprints and accessing the system structure.
Solving a Business Challenge and Customising with CSM 7 Review the River T Corp case study, the backdrop for the lab exercises in this course.
8 Begin building the business solution for River T Corp scenario; tables, field types, properties, and GUIDs.
8 Create Lookup Table Business Objects for simple drop-down lists and more.
Day Section Title Lesson Description
Tuesday Customising (continued) 8 Continue creating Lookup Table Business Objects for simple drop-down lists and more.
Solving a Business Challenge and Customising with CSM (continued) 9 Introduction to Expressions to enhance the efficiency of Forms and Grids.
10 Introduction to Form and Grid design - Use form design best practices to create a form to hold employee mobile device inventory information.
11 Using database Relationships to display the inventory form.
12 Lab A Introduction to Specific Forms. Create one that is used to initiate the order for a new mobile device for an employee.
12 Lab B Continue customising and automating Specific Screens.
Day Section Title Lesson Description
Wednesday Solving a Business Challenge and Customising with CSM (continued) 13 Using One-Steps on the order form to automate an approval process.
14 Customise the Service Catalogue by adding a new service to display the new (Specifics form) Mobile Device Order form.
15 Create a system-wide Default E-mail account to be utilised by the Event Monitor.
15 Configure the Event Monitor to automate an approval process.
Customising with CSM 16 An introduction to applying mApps™ as another customisation solution.
Exploring the System-Wide Settings 17 Get an Overview of the CSM Administrator functions including: Automation Processes, Business Hours, Database Settings, Performance Settings, system User Security, Security Groups, Roles, Users, and Teams. The Customer Security Groups, Cherwell Licensing, System and Defaut Settings, Manager Settings, and Knowledge Management.
Day Section Title Lesson Description
Thursday Business Intelligence 18 Use saved Searches to collect and gather information.
19 Use Dashboards to display real-time information. Widgets and Metrics.
20 Use the Report Writer tool to edit off-the-shelf reports and to create custom reports.
Day Section Title Lesson Description
½ Day Friday Customising for the Web interface 21 Compare the Browser Client interface to the Desktop Client interface.
    22 Configure the Mobie Client through a Blueprint and the Browser and Mobile Settings.
    23 Edit and customise the Customer Self-Service Portal.