HR Service Management


Modernise and Automate HR Processes

Cherwell offers two Human Resources (HR) Service Management solutions which help you to create a modern HR experience for employees, while streamlining and automating routine processes.

Cherwell HR Case Management manages the employee request process from start to finish. Not only does HR Case Management document all transactions providing a complete audit trail of employee communication with HR it also creates accountability, provides task ownership and workflow and ensures consistent and timely HR service delivery.

Cherwell HR Employee Administration helps the HR team manage all the requests that range from new hire administration, to benefits inquiries, and terminations. Each of these services can involve numerous people, tasks, and documentation.

Key Benefits:

  •   Track employee interaction in one place
  •   Automate repetitive HR processes for increased efficiency, consistency and accuracy
  •   Capture the data necessary to spot process bottlenecks, trends and key performance metrics
  •   Encourage consistency and regulatory compliance
  •   Provide HR reps and managers a history of employees’ communication with HR – accessible from any location
  •   The HR Portal grants employees 24×7 access to HR regardless of work shift or location and enables HR to service a higher number of employee requests
  •   Manage employee onboarding and off boarding activities with powerful roles-based workflow.

Key Components of HR Service Management:

Case Management

Case management provides a way for employees to easily submit requests or checking the status of existing requests. Using workflow automation these requests are automatically routed to the right HR worker. The employee can see the status of their requests through the Cherwell portal which improves their satisfaction.

Onboarding Process

Onboarding a new employee is complex. HR, IT, and other fulfillment teams must scramble to deliver all the services necessary to make day 1 productive. Activities such as benefits and payroll activation, equipment procurement and installation, and system access are just a few of the items that need to come together behind the scenes for onboarding success.



Knowledge Management

HR Case Management includes a knowledgebase that provides answers to questions and solutions to problems that are frequently asked of the HR department. This empowers the employee to find accurate and consistent answers and increase the efficiency of the HR department by never having to solve the same problem twice.


Integrated Workflow Engine

Using Cherwell’s automation engine, key HR processes can be automated to ensure SLA and policy compliance. This provides the ability to reduce administrative tasks, improve consistency and alert stakeholders when an incomplete task is about to violate SLA or company policy. HR teams can automate and streamline a wide range of HR processes and notifications.



Robust Reporting and Analytics

Requests submitted to the HR department generate an abundance of useful data that can assist in the decision-making process. HR staff and management can access this critical information through Cherwell’s dashboard and integrated reports. Using Cherwell’s report generator allows users to configure their reports and dashboards based on metrics that are important to their HR team.



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