Facilities Management


Modernise Your Approach to Facilities Managment

Most facilities departments continue to run their businesses using email and spreadsheets to track and manage service requests and work orders—a burden for both staff and business users alike. Cherwell’s Facilities Service Management solution allows facilities teams to modernize, automate, and streamline their service delivery processes, so they can minimize overhead, improve operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

Cherwell’s Facilities Service Management solution is ideal for facilities, property management, and field services teams that wish to automate project workflows, track time and materials, schedule recurring maintenance tasks, manage resources and work assignments, and more. It provides an intuitive, full-featured self-service portal that allows requests and work items to be initiated by end users, department members, and project teams from their desktops or mobile devices.

The solution provides common facilities workflow automation out of the box, and can be easily customized for any organization’s specific requirements.

Key Components of the Solution:

Work Orders

The Work Orders module offers insight and reporting into your work orders.

  •   Track buildings, people, and information
  •   Create custom categories
  •   Track time and materials
  •   Schedule reoccurring maintenance
  •   Report on project pipeline and progress

User Portal

The User Portal is a secure place for users to place requests and track the status of their open work orders.

  •   Provide a single channel for requests
  •   Offer a mobile portal experience
  •   Enable users to view work order status
  •   Customize design to match your business




The Projects module allows you to track key elements of all your Facilities projects.

  •   Define and track project members
  •   Store meeting minutes
  •   Track cost of materials
  •   Create and manage budgets
  •   Define and track deliverables



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