"Supercharge" Your Cherwell Implementation

Alt Vision provides a personal approach to each and every project, enabling your organisation to meet its unique business requirements and quickly realise the value from your investment.

Alt Vision Professional Services Team

Comprised of dedicated project managers, implementation specialists, instructors, and support engineers, the Alt Vision Professional Services team brings valuable industry experience and in-depth ITIL software knowledge to every project. Each of our consultants carry extensive qualifications including:

  • Proven experience integrating ITIL software in general and Cherwell Software in particular.
  • Deep technical knowledge with relational databases, AD, LDAP, Microsoft Exchange, etc.
  • Knowledge of ITIL and other ITSM-related practices.

Services We Offer

Our Professional Service team understands how to customise and configure Cherwell® Service Management to support your business needs.

We offer the following services:

  • Migration Services
  • Self-Service Portal Design
  • Onsite ITIL Implementation
  • Remote Implementation Consulting
  • Cherwell Project Management
  • Custom Report and Dashboard Development
  • Custom Content Development

How We Do It

We don’t want to leave things to chance, especially when it comes to configuring processes and work flows in a support center. That’s why we have worked with numerous customers to create an 8-Step Implementation methodology for getting your service support software up and running.

  1. Kick Off/Installation - The initial stage caters to the software’s installation onto the customers’ infrastructure. If the solution is SaaS/Cloud based, then this stage focuses on integration with corporate email and Active Directory. A project kick-off meeting confirms the scope of the implementation, introduces the project team, and defines the next steps.
  2. Administrator Training - This course, which is critical for key customer project team members to attend, provides delegates with the core administrative concepts and skills to quickly configure Cherwell. It also confirms the baseline, out-of-the-box content which will be configured during implementation.
  3. Design Workshop - The Design Workshop forms the software’s configuration backbone against customer requirements. This describes the blueprint of the configuration which is documented within the Statement of Work and Implementation Log.
  4. Statement of Work - The signed-off Statement of Work (SoW) forms the agreement between Alt Vision and the customer for the configuration of Cherwell software. It protects both parties and sets out expectations and timings for each business and functional requirement. 
  5. Configuration - This stage contains the bulk of work and is undertaken by resources on the project team (Alt Vision and customer) that are capable of Cherwell configuration. The configuration is aligned with the SoW and the Implementation Log is completed, providing documented evidence of the tasks and configuration carried out against the business and functional requirements.
  6. Testing - User Acceptance Testing is performed by the customer in line with use cases and test scenarios prepared by the customer.
  7. Final Inspection - Final inspection permits the project team to finalize any data preparation, import of base records (e.g. customer contacts) and prepare the Cherwell system for go-live. 
  8. Go Live - A hand-hold, go-live, floor walking resource often provides a means to immediately respond to users’ queries. This is an optional step in the implementation process.